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Départ Juillet 2018

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Ralentis ! Deviens NoMad…

Marianne, Bibiche, Thalès, Lewa marchent sur les traces des migrations humaines.

Par ses récits multimédia, l’aventurière de 31ans, raconte les visages qui peuplent les routes migratoires d’hier et d’aujourd’hui– des hommes préhistoriques aux nomades actuels, retraçant les pas des mystiques persécutés et ceux des réfugiés fuyant leurs pays, des exilés technologiques aux victimes climatiques – donnant une voix à ceux qui les vivent chaque jour sans faire la une des journaux.

Ralentissez au rythme de leurs pas, vous pourriez bien voir le monde différemment…

Slow Down, Become NoMad

Walking to beat of her mules steps, Marianne is traveling enthralling pathways of human migrations.

Along the way, she’s covering major migrations stories of our time – from cave men to current nomads, following tracks of persecuted mystics to war refugees, from technological exiles to climate victims- giving voice to those who inhabits them every day and rarely make the news.

From them, she’s gonna experience and record their way to live on the road, their crafts, theirs skills, their traditions.
Her words and audio-visual commentaries will open your eyes as you dip down to their universe.

Hold tight for a journey through time and space: if you slow down to the speed of the nomads and observe carefully, you might see the world differently.

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Pourquoi un chien-loup ?

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NoMad wish to send thousand thanks and a tons of love to those without who nothing would have been possible:

To Stefano Franzoso, “Loups du Var” Tchecoslovaquian Wood-dog breeding farm, for his gift of one of his wolf puppies, th fabulous Lewa ! Thank you so much for your trust Stefano !

To Christopher Jennings, for having hosted NoMad crew in his beautiful house in Dordogne, for his patience and his tireless support. Having a wolf puppy, two wild mules and a small human struggling in the middle for a year and half must have certainly been very challenging for the nerves ! I could never thank you enough !

To Geneviève Crassat, Ferme Equestre de la Fontaine, for her professional and constant advice in ethology that allowed me to understand the psychology of the two rebel equines. For having accepted me two more equines in her herd of horses and use them in order to teach Bibi and Bibiche the basics of respect. You taught me so much the time I spend working for you, thank you !

To Eugenie Chappaz, equines/dogs/cats/humans osteopath in Gourdon, for a professional understanding of animals, her time and her friendship in handling the mules to prepare them to the journey. Thanks to you, fearless and instinctive woman !